Marcrist PG750X Dry Diamond Tile Drill 6 & 8mm

A dry diamond tile drill.
Marcrist PG750X Dry Diamond Tile Drill 6 & 8mm
Marcrist diamond drill makes the drilling of porcelain tiles easy, these drill all tiles, are self cooling, self shrpening and most importantly drills dry, no need for water. These dills are long lasting and you can expect 30 holes per drill bit through grade five porcelain. 

These drill are ideal for both corded and cordless drills.

Directions For Use:
Drill Speed 1800 - 300 rpm.
Start drill at full speed at an angle and slowley level out. When the bit is sufficiently in the tile, begin oscillating action, this will clear the spoilas you are drilling, only use medium pressure (no need to use whole weight), do no wet while drilling this is a dry bit.
When you are through your tile immediatley dip into water. To clear any tile core spoil, with the drill pointing towards the ground tap the side of the bit lightly while depressing the drill trigger, do not try to dig the core out.

This 6 & 8mm drill is double ended with a 6mm bit at one end and the 8mm bit at the other.

These drills are sold individually.
EAN: 5036197049640
Weight: 0.1kg
Product Code: MARCRIST DRY 6&8
Brand: Marcrist
Condition: New