La Maison Tiles

La maison touch arena and la maison soft marfil with la maison dado and la maison skirting on the bathroom walls and castle cocoa wood effect tiles on the floor
The La Maison collection of tiles is inspired by wallpaper. In the La Maison collection there are four distinctive different tiles in two base colours. These two colours are grey and beige and there are two plain bathroom wall tiles called soft marfil and soft perla, these two tiles have a slight pattern to them and have a matt finish and a smooth surface.
The rest of the La Maison collection is based on wall paper effect tiles; there are three different designs which again come in beige and grey. First there is the La Maison Feel design which is a flock wallpaper effect tile, the pattern on this flock wallpaper effect tile is raised from the tile. The second of the wallpaper effect tiles is the La Maison Touch; the touch tile again has a texture to it and gives the effect of a stripy wall paper effect. The third design is the La Maison Grace tile which is a floral wallpaper effect tile, these floral wall paper effect tiles again come in the beige and the grey. Each of these wall paper effect tiles has a pattern on so when fixing make sure you get them the right way round.
The La Maison collection can be mixed and matched as required, the plain soft range can be used with the wall paper effect tiles, or you can mix the different wall paper effect tiles together. In the La Maison range there is also a dado tile which can be used to separate the different tiles if you are thinking of using them on the same wall. The wall paper effect tiles are also very good for creating feature walls and then using the soft tiles in the rest of the room. With the La Maison collection the possibilities are endless.
These are a range of tiles based on traditional designs but can also be used to give a modern look. The feel design is a very traditional tile but can also look very chic and modern, depending on the furniture going with the tiles. These traditional tiles go very well with traditional bathroom suites which are very popular at the moment. In this range of wall paper effect tiles there is a skirting tile which also gives the look of a traditional bathroom.
Our range of castle floor tiles compliments these floral wall paper effect bathroom wall tiles very well as they have a rustic finish which just gives that finishing touch. We recommend the Kerakoll Special Eco adhesive with these tiles but if you are not sure check out our adhesive guide. We also recommend either the pergamon or light grey grout depending on the tile colour choice as these just blend the tiles together.

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